New Year

Hi there and welcome to my new blog, davistudio. This blog will feature all things davistudio and all things MAD (Mary Anne Davis), for that matter. 2006 is off and running. The image you see here is part of my fall/winter collection, a new concept for me. Actually limiting my pallette to 5 or 6 colors per season (or twice a year) and producing work within those color restraints is a radical departure for me. I will still do custom dinnerware in all my colors, but this exercise affords me the possibility of deepening and developing my own signature work.

I am an advocate of cottage industry and studio practice in product development as a means for artists and designers to create interesting work, edgy work, work that may not hit the mass market for years to come. My customers tend to be in personal contact with me and often become friends. Relationships guide my work as does my community. I am part of a craft guild in Columbia County, New York, where I live and it is exciting to work with other artists trying to figure how to make a living. My studio is often open to visitors and I encourage people to come by, especially if dinnerware is in the offing. It is easier for us to communicate in the context of where the work is produced, where we can look at colors together and choose an appropriate collection together.

Marketing is always a challange for me and all artists, for that matter. I am attending a seminar given by Seth Goodin ( January and look forward to his energy and ideas in this regard.

I hope to post new work and ideas here regularly. The website ( is still best for placing an order, but I thought adding this blog would facilitate thoughts and interactions among the interested.

Send me your thoughts!

Cheers in '06-

Mary Anne