Bespoken dinnerware

Bespoken dinnerware is a term I started thinking about this past fall as I looked at factories or another artisan to help me produce my work. Making fine porcelain dinnerware is such a highly specific task, that in traversing around the east coast in search of a production partner, I realized the best move forward is to keep doing it myself. At right is a shot of me filling a mold with slip, a slurry of clay and water held in suspension with some magical stuff called a defloculant. The mold was originally created by me, but I have a brilliant mold maker I work with, named Robert Petro, who makes my production molds.

Bespoken dinnerware can be likened to the same concept in clothing,
i.e. Saville Row tailors. Dinnerware is made to order in specific colors and specific shapes for an individual who orders it from me, davistudio, directly.