New York

I had an amazing trip into New York yesterday. I drove down with Liz McIlvaine, textile designer and painter extraordinaire. We began our day with a visit to Toshie Otsuka, potter par excellent. Traversing through my old haunt, the meat packing district and the West Village we walked by a lot of old and new places. We made our way to Opto Design Studio, where I met with my graphic designer/web developer John Klotnia. John and Ron at Opto did my first web design and are now readying web 2.0 for me. Stay tuned!

From Opto, Liz and I met at Betty Woodman's studio. I worked for Betty when I was in graduate school at SVA. She is getting ready for a big retrospective at the Met which opens in April. Liz will sew 100 bags for the museum shop via the Fabric Workshop in Philadelphia.

Finally, we ended up at my dear friend and patron, Cathy Kaplan's apartment, where Cathy graciously entertained a handful of friends, showing off my tiles I installed for her this past fall. The tiles are pictured here.

All and all, it was a most amazing day, full of inspiration, reconnecting with old friends. I love my life! Thank you Liz, Cathy, Toshie, Guillermo, Joanne, John and Jefferey!