Production on the Hill

The studio has been been thrumming with life, production creating cups and dishes for clients and stock. 

an homage to the motor city

an homage to the motor city

Next week is NYNOW, the massive wholesale gift show at the Javits Center in New York City. My rep and business partner, Janet McKean, will be there with bells on, again, this year in a bigger booth. We have tons of new items. The small tumbler with words and a few images will be on hand. Plus I have a new collection called Cities, States, and Regions.  More like a project than a collection, I think about a new bunch of images or words philosophically. The Cities, States, and Regions project hearkens to particular places in my history – places I have lived, worked, visited or think about. Most have an association with the artistic community that may be flourishing there. Detroit, for example, is where I grew up, in my formative adolescence. I returned to finish my BFA at the lauded Cranbrook Academy of Art there so Detroit holds a very special place in my heart. After so many years of struggle, urban blight, violence and poverty, it is starting to emerge as an affordable refuge for artists.

That’s a quick thought for today about what’s coming out of the studio. I plan to fill these virtual pages more consistently this year, so check back often. Also, the store is stocked with giftware, still working on filling that, but you can get a quick gift shipped anywhere there.

Thanks for reading and being part of the davistudio experience. Come visit and stay for lunch!