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Preparing bisque-ware to be glazed. Sage, Jessica and Ben.

Preparing bisque-ware to be glazed. Sage, Jessica and Ben.

We make things. That is our art, that is our business. By “our” I refer to myself and to the people that work at davistudio. By things I refer the items you see for sale on this website, at the studio, in stores listed on this website and at the craft shows, art fairs and markets we participate in. Everything that comes out of the studio, start to finish, is made here. For some this might seem obvious. I would suggest that for those to whom this is not news are a) people who know the studio, who have been here and have seen how it operates – OR – b) other makers/producers or aficiandos. Making/producing is a highly charged and complex activity. It wasn’t always so. For this bit of writing, suffice it to say that wealthy nations, such as the USA, have, for better or for worse, let go of much of our productive capacity. I argue that a shift is taking place, however.

The rise of the maker community, the rising awareness, acceptance even, of artists, designers, artisans and that nebulous being, the ‘creative’ are encouraging the noble act of making again.

Davistudio has been committed to making since its inception some 20 years ago. Pressure was applied by those who would like to see our products more cheaply made, or existing factories that would like our business itself. Somehow or another, I intuited the need to hold on for dear life the noble act of making, to maintain control of my productive capacity and by extension, every detail of the design and execution process. This control grants us control over options in regards to environmental protection as well as contributing to the economic integrity of our community. These small acts of agency allow us to live with greater freedom and to know that simply making is anything but simple. It is in fact, a revolutionary act. 


ps- 14 years ago today I was deeply impacted, as was everyone else alive on the planet, to an even further commitment to making. Keeping it local seems a better way to govern ourselves, to keep ourselves solid in community and to respect other's capacity to survive without our intervention. Never forget is a cry to tread lightly, to be an example and to be responsible.

Dishes for Maui


This year Foley and Cox joined our ranks as a favorite retail outlet for dinnerware in Hudson, NY. Their first client order is this group of beautiful white dishes, simple and elegant, yet retaining that slight imperfect sense of quirk davistudio is famous for. Subtly textured, the whiteware is thin, a reflection of the fine porcelain that is standard from the studio. Since each piece is handmade, they are like individuals, each plate, bowl, and cup with its own personality. One of the unique aspects of this set of dishes is the addition of the 14” charger. The over scaled round plate adds a grand elegance to this artisanal dinnerware set, calling to question staid tradition while simultaneously embracing the layered protocol of a gorgeous table.


Foley and Cox is located in New York City and in Hudson, NY. 

Foley and Cox

One of our newest stockists is Foley and Cox. A classy interior design team located in New York City, Michael and Mary have recently opened a shop in Hudson. This talented duo have been creating interiors for discerning clients since 2002. If you haven't been shopping on Warren Street, check it out. Hudson is an amazing shopping street that stretches from the Hudson River almost a mile up to Route 9. Antique shops, boutiques, restaurants, galleries, all kinds of places to peek into and meander through. Meet up with friends at the end of your day, take in a good meal at Swoon or see some music at Club Helsinki. The Red Dot is open late.