Environmental Stewardship

Fine eco-porcelain created by davistudio follows eco standards achievable by any and all small studio owners. As an eco-potter, environmental stewardship is inherent in every piece produced in my studio.

Reducing Energy Use

  • davistudio is 100% carbon neutral through carbon offsets purchased from Native Energy and the New York State Electric and Gas grid (New Wind Energy program).
  • davistudio is walking distance from my home, no commuter CO2 contribution.
  • Efficient small kilns fire batch quantities of ware that are ordered by specific clients or in small numbers for samples.

Using Durable, Non-Toxic Material

  • davistudio Porcelain is made from a mix of organic grolleg, kaolin, and flint.
  • All davistudio glazes are certified food safe and lead free, meeting the labeling standards of proposition 65, the highest standards for ceramic glaze labeling.
  • Porcelain is a durable material that will last many lifetimes. As such, it is non-disposable making it an heirloom quality fine art object. In the event of breakage, the object can be disposed of, without toxic leaking or breakdown. It is like a rock. Reuse in mosaics is preferable, though!
  • All porcelain is durable, dishwasher safe and microwavable.

Maintaining a Clean Working and Waste Recycling Environment

  • Studio is kept in clean condition--use of HEPA filter on vacuum and regular wet mopping as standard protocol, eliminates danger of airborne silica dust.
  • All waste materials are recycled--i.e., unused clay and all mistakes are reused as reclaim
  • Any particles resulting from rinsing of brushes and buckets are caught in a special filter that isolates any materials for reuse or safe disposal.

Efficiency in Packing and Shipping

  • Just in time inventory reduces unnecessary production, limits inventory and therefore maintains low waste. No production overruns.
  • Packing materials are all biodegradable or reused.
  • Shipping is done in small batches, to specific clients in carefully ordered amounts.

Social and Community Responsibility

  • Co-Founder and steering committee member of LEAF : a local BALLE network.
  • Deacon and active member of local church
  • Regular contributor to DIFFA, the Columbia County Land Conservancy, Humane Society, various Historical Societies and several local arts organizations.
  • Member local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Accepts Berkshares, a local currency initiative