Good Thoughts

Optimism and positive thinking have born the brunt of snark, snide and ironic hipsters, turning these once inspiring ideas into doubtful remnants of a more innocent time. No more! I say, optimism is still relevant, no, essential! No to cynicism! Yes to life and the future!

 So, put a good thought on your night stand or dresser, for your glasses by your computer, for soap in the bathroom, use a mug for your morning coffee or tea, whatever your heart desires. Good vibes need constant renewal. So, be positive, and go out into the world as one of the optimistic! We have enough cynics.

The rectangle dish is 5” x 4” and in the bedroom is perfect for jewelry by the bedside or bureau top, in the kitchen for olive pits or a pinch of salt, for the artist as a mixing tray for watercolors – so many uses!

  • 5" x 4"
  • high fired fine porcelain
  • in stock, ready to ship
  • gift wrap available


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